Submitting Samples to the AB Seed Laboratory

Submitting samples with the AB Seed Laboratory is simple and efficient! Listed below is a General Sampling Procedure, which will help you get the most desirable results.

Steps to Submit a Sample

  1. Sample each bag of small lots consisting of six bags or less
  2. For larger lots, sample 5 bags plus ten percent of the total number of bags in the lot. It is not necessary to sample more than thirty bags in large lots.
  3. Draw free-flowing seed with a probe or trier long enough to reach all portions of the bag. Nonfree-flowing seeds should be sampled by thrusting one’s hand into the bag and grasping a portion.
    1. Equal amounts should be drawn from the top, middle, and bottom of each bag sampled.
    2. The drawn sample should be thoroughly mixed in a suitable clean container.
    3. Divide the drawn sample carefully until the proper amount is obtained to submit for analysis
  4. Write your name, company name, address, variety, kind, lot number and tests desired on the sample envelope.
  5. Include your telephone and/or FAX number for faster reporting of analysis results.

Submitting Forms Online

If you would like you may fill out the form here, print it out, and then attach it to your own envelope. This may speed up the return of results.


AB Seed Laboratory, LLC (ABSL) analysis is based upon the sample(s) received. The accuracy of our analysis is dependent on the fact that the sample submitted is fairly representative of the lot of the seed to be tested. ABSL has no control over the sampling procedure utilized and therefore cannot guarantee the uniformity of the lot. ABSL analysis does not confirm a variety of designations. In any and all events, the liability of the ABSL is limited to the price charged for seed analysis.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your services?

Please reach out to us at or (770) 246-8282 for any questions regarding pricing.

How precise are results from ABSL?

With over 25 years of experience with all kinds of testing and research and development, the AB Seed Laboratory can ensure that any and all results from our facilities are as accurate as possible.